Withdrawal Info

Published on 2020-03-28

Hi there all valued CoolDice.Club users,
minimum withdrawal is 0.00080000 btc and withdrawal fees is a flat rate of 0.00040000 no matter how large the withdrawal is.
Don't worry about this fees as you will profit very fast here.
The rules are set by our wallet provider..
Thanks for using CoolDice.Club!

-Withdrawals are instant.

Friendly service reminder:
Stay at home, Roll on CoolDice.Club . Don't go to crowded areas. Take care of your hygene, wash your hands all the time or have a sanitizer always with you and use one every time you see one. Take Care!

Lottery Winnings Info

Published on 2020-01-18

Dear CoolDice.Club user,
All the lottery winnings will automatically be credited to your account straight away after the winners have been chosen.
No risk is involved since you can use your totally free raffle lottery tickets. To increase the chances maybe you could spend your free
BTC to buy some.. the price of each ticket on its own is 100 sats.. if you choose to spend btc on them.

Happy Rolling!

Deposit Info

Published on 2019-11-14

Hi there dear CoolDice.club user. For deposits to your CoolDice.club account, there are no minimum deposit. You can even send as little as 0.00000100 (100 sats) to your account and receive it. Good luck. Have a nice day!

Try the fortune hunter and win!

Published on 2019-11-13

Ahoy thar, don't forget t' try our loot hunter. 'tis a great way o' doublin', triplin' or quadruplin' yer profit.
Chill out 'ave some grog 'n keep on playin' wit' our loot hunter,
ye may ne'er know wha' awaits fer ye in th' next chest! 'ave a great day!

Welcome to CoolDice.club

Published on 2019-11-02

Hi there Welcome to CoolDice.club!

Get free bitcoins

Published on 2019-11-02

Hi there get free bitcoins.. just go to the faucet and claim your free btc!